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Saturday, January 26, 2013

What a Nice Suprise

This morning I received an email from Mark Andrew Terry saying he had used one of my paintings as a visualization for a poem, "Elaine, Good morning. I hope you do not mind, I wrote a passage this morning and used your painting as a visualization".

Pan at Polasek
This was the painting that I did at the Winter Park Plein Air Paint out last year.
Below is the poem,

Light winds through bullrush greet unfolding dawn and at its gates awaken muse and faun. Within the morning, shadows' lengths are drawn, and wilderness begins to stretch and yawn.
As rays like arms embrace the coming day, a plaintive melody begins to play.  It stirs the chords that yearn we stack away, from temperance it calls for us to stray.
Eight-hundred years before Herodotus, his hollow reed, pastoral-sensuous, seduced the moon to dally with the Pan, whose form comprises best of beast and man.
In streaming glen where fauna makes their home, and forests where the nymphs and satyrs roam, in sacred caves of mountains rising wild, Polasek dreamed of allegory's child, a paean song to celebrate our Spring, Arcadian, a mythic wonderling. 

Here is the link to his site: http://allpoetry.com/poem/10321347-Polaseks_Pan-by-Mark_Andrew_J_Terry

The poem is beautiful . I feel very honored that he used my painting.

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